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Is the marijuana smoked today stronger than it used to be?

You’ve probably heard it a million times in the news and your friends have been talking about it as well. You might feel like people are trying to scare you into believing that marijuana today is so much stronger that it’s going to cause something bad to happen to you if you smoke it. Is there any truth into if the marijuana of today is stronger than that your grandparents smoked? Well, the answer to that question is that it depends on where you buy your marijuana. It’s probably likely that the marijuana you smoke today is stronger than that your grandparents smoked.

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Why is today’s marijuana stronger?

The main reason why the marijuana people buy today is stronger is because of the growing techniques. Since growers no longer have to worry about getting caught growing something illegally, they can now focus on their product quality. It makes sense that if farmers can pay close attention to what they’re growing that it will be better. However, that’s only one of the reasons why. Some are going to say that the marijuana on the black market is also higher quality than what it used to be. There could be truth in that, since most marijuana grows are now focused indoors where the growing conditions are closely controlled.

Should you be afraid of stronger marijuana?

The short answer to that question is no. No one should be afraid of California marijuana or strains from any state. If anything, you should be happy that the marijuana you’re buying is stronger. Why? The stronger the marijuana is, the less of it you have to smoke to get high. You save money when it’s stronger, but you also inhale far less bad stuff into your lungs when you smoke less. You win if marijuana is stronger, and you need to consume less of it for the same effect. So, you shouldn’t be concerned in the slightest if the marijuana you smoke today is stronger than what your parents bought when they were your age.

The increase in potency is a good thing

You have nothing to fear about this new so-called killer weed. You have it better than generations before you who had to smoke a hog’s leg to get blazed. Today, a few puffs are all it takes to get yourself nice and toasty. Your grandparents had to huff and puff until they were red-faced from coughing to get high. These days, all you do is take a few drags, and you’re off into your own little world.

Telugu Movies To Watch When We Are In Depression: Husharu

Telugu Movies To Watch When We Are In Depression Husharu

Hushaaru is a south indianpakkahyderabadi film written and directed by SreeHarshaKonuganti. This film is famous for its instinctive dialogues and comedy along with it. It is a fun movie to watch along with your friends for an entertaining weekend. This is one of those telugu movies to watch when we are in depression as it raises your mood to a whole new level. Watch these Telugu movies online only on Aha!

Cast and Crew:

Actor: TejusKancherla, TejKurapati, Abhinav, Dinesh Tej, Rahul Ramakrishna

Actress: PriyaVadlamani, Hema Ingle, RamyaPasupileti, Daksha Nagarkar

Director: SreeHarshaKonuganti

Producer: BekkamVenugopal, Riaz

Music: unny M.R. Radhan, VarikuppalaYadagiri

Cinematography: Raj Thota

Editing: Vijay Vardhan

Story By: SreeHarshaKonuganti

Production company: Lucky Media

Other information:

Runtime: 2 hours 20 minutes

Release date: 14 December 2018

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Box Office: 5CR


Hushaaru is a story that revolves around 4 friends who cannot leave each other alone. They are so connected from the adolescence age hoping to live a happy life by only considering the present moments to cherish. They are Arya, Bunty, chey, dhruv. They all stand for each other when they are in problem too. All together goes to a costume house party through passes they got from their juniors at college by bullying them. As they were enjoying the party, Chey sights a beautiful girl in angel costume for whom he falls in love at his first sight. After some ups and down, they both get into a relationship and also break up. Looking her with another men right after break up breaks his heart more and attempts to suicide but his friends join him in hospital only to be revealed that he has cancer. They work their best to make money and save him but everything goes into drain and they will be arrested. There they meet Raj bollem who is messed up with his corporate job but a great cook. They all plan to start a pub with the money they get by loan. They will have a happy life from there on and chey slowly gets cured as he becomes more happier.

Technical Assets:

  • A fresh youthful friendship and love story! This movie has got all the emotions that everyone values like love, friendship and family!
  • Music of this movie is on the next level! It gives a different energy and boosts your mood within seconds.
  • The direction of this movie is just awesome! A crazy theme that director have thought and executed for the youth to enjoy!
  • This movie is full of fun editing! Post production stage was in full kick and flow!

Why to watch Husharu:

  • This is the movie which values family, friends and love with the greatest affection and respect.
  • This movie has the capacity to lift anyone who is in a depressed stage.
  • You can watch this live to change your mood in seconds and realise that life is good!

This film will just change our vibe when we are sad. Watch husharu movie online. It is one of those telugu movies to watch when you are in depression and watch movies online on Aha!