How to become a businessman? – direct on opening your own business

Human careers can basically be divided into two groups – some dream of a job “with someone” – in a company, office, foundation, institution – full-time, salary, holidays, and employee rights. Others prefer to work “at home”, at their own risk and responsibility, believing that whoever takes the risk wins. The article is intended for the second group – for people who want to be a helm, sailor, and ship to themselves.


Opening your own business – a step-by-step lead

Despite numerous declarations by politicians and attempts to make life easier for citizens, establishing a business in Some countries is still a complicated and relatively long-lasting process. The following guide is designed to guide the reader through this process step by step.

Step one: Company registration in the Town / Commune Office

According to art. of the Act on freedom of business activity, an entrepreneur may start a business activity after obtaining an entry in the register of entrepreneurs in the National Court Register or in the Register of Economic Activities. Natural persons and partners of civil law partnerships must, therefore, start by submitting a business application to the City / Commune Office in order to enter it in the register. Applications are made on a special form. The application must contain:

  • Entrepreneur’s name and surname,
  • Company name (optional),
  • Entrepreneur’s registration number,
  • Entrepreneur’s home address,
  • Company address,

The political principle is freedom of economic activity, however, the state, on the basis of detailed administrative regulations, regulates activities in certain areas. Thus, in order to start operations in some areas, it is required to obtain: licenses (e.g., for the sale of alcohol, protection of persons and property, distribution of fuels, etc.), permits (e.g., in the field of real estate brokerage or running pharmacies) or appropriate, required by law and certified qualification documents (e.g., in the case of a law firm).

REGON number in the Statistical Office

Every entrepreneur is obliged to apply, within 14 days of obtaining an entry in the business register, to assign a REGON statistical number and an entry in the National Official Register of National Economy Entities. This is requested by the statistical office competent for the address of residence. The application for entry in the Official Register shall be completed on the form RG-1. It should indicate the basic type of planned activity. It must comply with the declaration made at the entry in the business register and of course, with the certificate issued on the basis of the entry made in the register of entrepreneurs. A correctly submitted application, in addition to the completed form, requires photocopies of the certificate of entry in the business register.

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