How to clean and maintain polished polished marble floors

After sanding, the floor surface will be technically new and perfectly mirrored. Many therefore wonder what needs to be done to clean it without altering or ruining its beauty. The answer is simple: correct rag and proper cleaner. When cleaning floors subjected to normal or customary dirt, the best solution is to use a MICROFIBER CLOTH commercial carpet cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN.

THE MICRO FIBER CLOTH ALONE IS SUFFICIENT TO DEGREASE THE SURFACES especially in combination with warm water, you can do a test with the fingerprints on your computer monitor, without the aid of soap the damp cloth will remove them by removing body fat. Obviously the floor is different, and the footprints left by sweaty feet or socks are a little heavier than a finger, so it will be advisable to add a little neutral detergent based on hydro alcoholic or a splash of alcohol to the water. Alcohol detergent is better because if you exceed with alcohol you can wring the floor, moreover the detergent contains a mixture of non-foaming surfactants that clean without leaving streaks.

The use of the well-wrung micro-fiber cloth  ensures perfect cleaning without leaving marks . It is therefore not advisable to use a sponge mop, there are also suitable micro-fiber mops, but make sure to squeeze them well, wringing is important as it guarantees the absence of halos and unpleasant streaks of water typical of the cloth in hemp which we strongly advise against as it is impossible to wring well and leaves a lot of water on the floor.

Well now let’s take care of the correct detergent.After

polishing the surface of the marble is comparable to a glass surface, with the disadvantage that it does not have the same resistance and insensitivity as glass to certain substances, so it is necessary to use a detergent that cleans, degreases and cleans without leaving streaks in a delicate way, that is a polished or honed soap for marble with a hydro-alcoholic base. You will find different brands in well-stocked supermarkets , on the packaging it is clearly indicated for polished marble and delicate surfaces.

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